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Namei edges

  • 1.Professional service team

    Build your dream trip by one to one service provided by professional tourist consultant. Besides, your itinerary, service track and several other services will be arranged.

  • 2.Star hotel

    Various clean, cozy and smart start hotel service; the star standard is assessed online. It's real and authentic.

  • 3.Veteran guide

    All guides have received strict job training. They are ready to provide you with the most professional and enthusiastic service.

  • 4.Exclusive motorcade

    The formal intact vehicle of various models will be provided; the corresponding drivers hold legal American license and good driving record to make your travelling worry free.

  • 5.Industrial qualification

    Namei Group Inc. offers 5 million USD worldwide travelling liability insurance, the highest within the same sector. Your travelling safety will be secured.

Advantages of tour group

  • 1.No matter how many people you have,you can be a tour group,there's no limits;

  • 2.You can choose departure time freely,especially some special itineraries,this is impossible for most travel agencies,but it's easy for us;

  • 3.We provide you high qualified travel services, and book hotel、travel bus、and resturants as you required;and adjustments can be made if you need;

  • 4.Out tour group is a good way to make your journey more interesting,know your friends and families better、and cooperate well with each other;

  • 5.You can choose your itineraries freely,, or we can customize your itinerary the way you like,or you can choose one free TourForFun and we offer you the service to combine、change as you required;

  • 6.you can travel with you families、friends、lover、company、or have business travel secretly,no disturb;

  • 7.We provide you drivers、tour guides for better service,ensuring you safety、low-key、comfort,offering you on-stop service。

1.You can travel with you families、Friends、lover、company、or have business travel,without disturbe。
2.We provide you drivers、tour guides for better service,ensuring you safety,low-key,comfort,offering you on-stop service。
3.Our itinerary is flexible,so that it can be changed as you required,and we always try to serve you a high-qualified travel experience。

We provide company,business people with high-qualified、special conventional/unconventional tour group,and organize international conference、exhibition,business tour,trying to promote exchanges and cooperation。

Teenagers can learn English in English speaking country,which is helpful for English learning;have classroom interaction with foriegn students,experiencing new way of study;live with local family,knowing their way of life;visit famous colleges and universities,broaden their horizen,and enrich holiday life。

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