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USA Niagara Falls + Toronto + Thousand Islands 3-Day Tour

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1. See Niagara Falls from both the American and Canadian sides!

2. Have a taste of fine dining on Skylon Tower while enjoying the view of the Falls.

3. Go to the top of a Toronto landmark—CN Tower.

4. Enjoy a stunning view of Toronto by riding the Lake Ontario Cruise.


**A valid passport and visa (if applicable) are required to enter Canada.

Promotional information

Buy 2 get 1 free


  • Hotel Upgrade service is not available

  • One side of Niagara Falls: no Canada visa required.

Please note that the route sequence may be adjusted according to the departure date, check the contents of the last eticket we send to you.

  • 1The 1st day New York--Bus--(Summer) Watkins Glen/ (Winter) Secret Caverns--Bus--Niagara Falls

    Guests will be picked up in New Jersey and New York in the early morning. We will head north to Secret Caverns (winter)/Watkins Glen (summer) in upstate New York. Later, we are going to see the renowned Niagara Falls. Overlooking American Fall, the Horseshoe Fall and the Bridal Veil Fall, you will be astounded by the deafening roar of the falls. It’s the combination of height and volume that makes Niagara Falls so beautiful.



    (Summer Itinerary: Apply when Watkins Glen is open, usually during mid/late May to Oct)

     New York/New Jersey → Watkins Glen & Finger Lake (Optional, 90mins) → Niagara Falls Illumination and night view


    Special Notes:

    1. We charge $15/person for bus entry permit and parking of Watkins Glen State Park. 

    2. We will visit Corning Museum of Glass (Optional, 75 mins) instead, in case of rainy weather considering safety issues.

    3. The completeness of night view on certain summer evenings may be limited or not available due to late sunset time and Government regulations on driving hours.

    4. The first night hotel might change to Toronto Area. 


    (Winter Itinerary: Apply when Watkins Glen is closed, usually during Nov to mid/late next May)

    New York/New Jersey → Secret Caverns (Optional, 60 mins) → Niagara SkyWheel (Optional, 30 mins. Only when the time allows.) → Niagara Falls Illumination and night view

    Special Notes:

    1. The caves can sometimes be inaccessible due to weather conditions in winter.

    2. We may stay at Toronto according to the actual itinerary schedule.



    Watkins Glen, NY

    Watkins Glen is a village in Schuyler County, New York. This is the birthplace of the Watkins Glen International, one of the premier automobile road racing tracks in the United States. Sitting on the south shore of Seneca Lake, it is also famous for its beautiful natural scenery.


    Niagara Falls Illumination

    Visitors to Niagara can enjoy a spectacular nighttime illumination of the falls. Please note that a complete view may be limited on certain summer evenings due to the later sunset time and government regulations of driving hours.


    Secret Caverns

    Discovered by a farmer after his cattle wandered into the entrance to cool down, the Secret Caverns are a kitschy and odd alternative to the nearby larger enterprise, Howe Caverns. A 103-step staircase is the only way in or out


    Niagara Skywheel

    With a height of 175 feet (53 m), the Niagara Wheel is made with world-class cable cars. Each car is equipped with air conditioning, cooling, so you can have comfortable experience all year round.


    Hotel:Econo Lodge By the Falls Or equivalent
  • 2The 2nd day Niagara Falls--Bus--Toronto (Summer/Winter)

    After enjoying Niagara Falls in the morning, we will head to Toronto, which is the capital city of the province of Ontario and the largest city in Canada. Over 25 million tourists each year come to experience Toronto's varied cultural institutions, which includes numerous museums and galleries, festivals and public events, entertainment districts, national historic sites, and sports activities.



    (Summer Itinerary: Apply when Mariposa Toronto Harbor Cruise & Hornblower Niagara Cruise are resumed) 

    Niagara Falls (Canada side) → IMAX Movie (Canada side) (Optional, 45 mins) → Hornblower Niagara Cruise (Optional, 30 mins) → Skylon Tower Observation Deck & Lunch (Optional, 100 mins) → Toronto → CN Tower (Optional, 60 mins) → Mariposa Toronto Harbor Cruise (Optional, 45 mins) → Chinese Dinner in Toronto Chinatown (Optional, 60 mins) 

    During the trip, we will pass by: Rainbow Bridge (U.S./Canada Border), Toronto City Hall

    Special Notes:

    1. Admission to the Ride-to-the-Top and Indoor/Outdoor Observation Decks are free when dining.

    2. If time allows, we will visit Ripley's Aquarium of Canada (60 mins) in Toronto.

    3. During Nov – Mar, the second night hotel might be arranged in Niagara Falls area: Reference hotels as below, Wyndham Garden at Niagara Falls/ Quality Inn at the Falls (U.S. Side)

    (Winter Itinerary: Apply when Mariposa Toronto Harbor Cruise & Hornblower Niagara Cruise are closed)  

    Journey Behind the Falls (Optional, 45 mins. Only when the time allows.) →  IMAX Movie (Canada side) (Optional, 45 mins) → Skylon Tower Observation Deck & Lunch (Optional, 100 mins) → CN Tower (Optional, 60 mins) → Ripley's Aquarium of Canada (Optional, 60 mins) → Casa Loma (Optional, 60 mins) → Chinese Dinner in Toronto Chinatown (60 mins) 

    During the trip, we will pass by: Rainbow Bridge (U.S./Canada Border), Toronto City Hall

    Special Notes:

    1. Admission to the Ride-to-the-Top and Indoor/Outdoor Observation Decks are free when dining.

    2. Hornblower Niagara Cruise will be closed from 12/01/2019

    3. During Nov – Mar, the second night hotel might be arranged in Niagara Falls area: Wyndham Garden at Niagara Falls/ Quality Inn at the Falls (U.S. Side)


    IMAX Movie (Canada side)

    In 30 minutes, you will witness the incredible stories and history of Niagara Falls that would otherwise take a lifetime to experience. No Niagara Falls vacation is complete without a visit to see the Niagara Adventure Movie. This movie tells the history of human interaction with the alls, focusing largely on the "daredevils" who have crossed, boated, and even jumped off them.


    Hornblower Niagara Cruise

    It's the combination of height and volume that makes Niagara Falls so beautiful. More than 6 million cubic ft. (168,000 cubic meters) of water flow over the crest line of the falls every minute during peak daytime tourist hours. This famous Hornblower Niagara ride gets passengers as close as possible to the Falls! The Hornblower rides right into the mists thrown up by the roaring cascade as the Niagara River tumbles over the edge of the falls.


    Skylon Tower

    This observation tower on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls offers a bird’s eye view of the natural wonder. The tower stands 520 feet from street level and 775 feet from the bottom of the falls. Relax and enjoy your meal at the 360 degree revolving dining room or the family-affordable Summit Suite Buffet Dining Room restaurant. Admission to the Ride-to-the-Top and Indoor/Outdoor Observation Decks are always free when dining.


    CN Tower

    Toronto's CN Tower is a Canadian icon and one of the most recognizable North American buildings. Made entirely of concrete, this massive monolith was the tallest structure in the world at the time of its completion in 1976.


    Mariposa Toronto Harbour Cruise

    Lake Ontario Cruises offer gorgeous views of the city of Toronto from the waters of Lake Ontario, one of the famous Great Lakes of North America. See the city of Toronto and the surrounding area in a new way!

    Ripley's Aquarium of Canada

    The aquarium houses over 16,000 fantastic aquatic animals and features the Dangerous Lagoon, North America’s longest underwater viewing tunnel (96 meters), which allows you to walk by sharks, rough-tail stingrays, and other creatures of the sea. Guests will be both entertained and inspired to protect the waters of the world.


    Hotel:Travelodge by Wyndham Toronto East Or equivalent
  • 3The 3rd day (Summer) Thousand Islands/ (Winter) Niagara Falls--Bus--New York

    Summer Itinerary: (Apply when Thousand Islands Cruise is open, usually during late April to early Nov.) 


    Travel north to the Thousand Islands (U.S. side) where we will take a Cruise Tour of the area (closed during winter). As the name suggests, the Thousand Islands constitute an archipelago of 1,864 islands that straddles the Canada-U.S. border in the Saint Lawrence River as emerges from the northeast corner of Lake Ontario. Before we return to New York, we will have a short stay at duty-free stores.



    Toronto → Thousand Islands (Canada) → Thousand Islands Cruise & Breakfast (Optional, 75 mins) → Stop by duty-free Store → New York/New Jersey


    Thousand Islands

    An international tourism destination situated between Canada and the United States along the St. Lawrence River. The region takes its name from the more than 1,000 islands that dot the lakes and rivers along this international waterway.


    Thousand Islands Cruise

    In addition to taking in the scenery, passengers on boat tours of this area can learn some of the history of the region-- which was once home to pirates and bootleggers-- and enjoy views of some of the most famous spots.




    Winter Itinerary: (Apply when Thousand Islands Cruise is closed for the season, usually during early Nov. to next late April) 


    We depart from our hotel to join an in-Depth Tour of Niagara Falls. Next, we will go to Corning Glass Museum in western New York to learn the history, art, and science behind glassmaking, Guests here will be invited to watch the Hot Glass Show which is performed by professional glass craftsmen. 



    Niagara In-depth Tour (Optional, 120 mins including Old Fort Niagara and Whirlpool State Park) → Corning Museum of Glass (Optional, 75 mins) → New York/New Jersey


    Niagara In-Depth Tour

    This exciting tour includes two popular attractions: the magnificent natural wonder - Niagara Whirlpool State Park and the U.S. historic landmark - Old Fort Niagara. The Niagara Whirlpool’s greatest depth is 125 feet. It is estimated the whirlpool formed approximately 7,500 years ago by the upstream erosion of the Niagara escarpment by the Niagara River. Old Fort Niagara is a rich historic landmark spanning more than 300 years. Its commanding presence on the great lake caused it to play a critical role in the French and Indian War, the American Revolution, and the War of 1812. The gorgeous Lake Ontario lies behind the Fort.

    The Corning Museum of Glass

    This museum in western New York is dedicated to the history, art, and science behind glassmaking. Its collection contains more than 45,000 objects, some of which date back millennia. Guests here will be invited to watch the Hot Glass Show which is performed by professional glass craftsman, and will have chance to know how ancient Egyptians made the world’s first glass mask 3000 years ago!


Price list

Normal Price

Single room

1 King / 1 Queen / 1 Full/Double

Double room

1 King/Queen / 2 Full/Double


2 Queen/ 2 Full/Double


2 Queen/ 2 Full/Double


Price Notes

Not available!

Upgrade Price Policy

* The tour’s buy 2 get 1 or 2 free promotion is only for the 3rd or 4th people sharing the same room. The price listed is the discounted price that each of you need to pay.

* Single room price is the price for room occupied by one person.

* Each room can contain 4 people including adult and child

* Child price is only for 2 to 9 years old.

* Please note: because of limitation of space and bed, there is not guarantee of extra beds. You will need to consult the service center.


1. Transportation (The type of vehicle used will depend on the number of guests that day. 7-seat SUV, minivan, motorcoach)

2. Hotel (number of nights is one less than the number of tour days)

3. Bilingual (English and Chinese) driver and/or guide.


1. Food and beverage (Tour guide will arrange. For breakfast, guests can prepare in advance or have breakfast at the first attraction or a restaurant near the hotel)

2. Air ticket, ferry, and shuttle transfer in some attraction areas/national parks

3. Attraction admission fee (Prices are subject to change without prior notice)

4. Service fee (minimum US$10/person/day, any child or infant reserving a seat has to pay the service fee as well)

5. Personal room fees, such as laundry or valet services, telephone calls, or alcoholic beverages/mini bar items, unless they are otherwise specified

6. Any personal expenses not listed in Fee Included



Item name

Price description


Watkins Glen & Finger Lake





Journey Behind the Falls


Senior (Over 65)$24.00

Child (3-12)$15.00


Niagara Skywheel


Senior (Over 65)$14.50

Child (3-12)$8.50


Secret Caverns





The Corning Museum of Glass


Senior (62+)$17.00

Children (Under 17)$0.00


Niagara Scenic In-Depth Tour




including Old Fort Niagara + Whirlpool State Park

Hornblower Niagara Cruise +Park Permit



Child (5-12)$23.40


IMAX Movie (Canada side)



Child (6-12)$11.00


Casa Loma



Child (4-13)$20.00


Ripley's Aquarium of Canada



Youth (6-13)$29.38

Child (3-5)$14.69


Skylon Tower



Child (4-12)$10.20


Mariposa Toronto Harbour Cruise



Child (4-12)$23.67


Toronto Seafood Dinner



Child (3-12)$27.00


Skylon Tower+Lunch



Child (3-12)$39.00


CN Tower



Child (4-12)$31.50


Thousand Islands Cruise



Child (3-11)$18.00


Thousand Islands Cruise Breakfast



Child (3-12)$9.50


Buffet/Group Meal in East Coast

Adult$16 - $22

ChildUnder 12):$10 - $15

Actual price depends on venue


Pick Up Location


  • Chinatown, Manhattan

    Departure time: 08:00 AM


    Address: 75 Chrystie St, New York, NY 10002


  • 8th Ave, Brooklyn (HSBC Bank)

    Departure time: 07:00 AM

    Address: 6102 8th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11220

    Note: This is a pick-up only location


  • Flushing, NY (Asian Jewel Seafood Restaurant)

    Departure time: 06:45 AM

    Address: 133-30 39th Ave, Flushing, NY 11354


  • Jersey City (ACME Markets)

    Departure time: 08:15 AM

    Address: 125 Eighteenth St, Jersey City, NJ 07310


  • Parsippany, NJ (Top Quality Food Market)

    Departure time: 08:45 AM 

    Address: 828 US-46, Parsippany, NJ 07054 


  • Coco Asian Cuisine Restaurant

    Departure time: 07:00 AM

    Address: 118 Greenwood Ave, Edison, NJ 08817

    Pick-up and drop-off services are only available for tours departing during 5/18/2020-9/8/2020; tours departing on other dates will not have transfer service at this location.
    Pick Up: Shuttle bus brings passengers to Jersey City (ACME Markets) .
    Drop-off: Drop off during 5/18-9/8/2020, all passengers (all tour buses) meet at Chinatown first, and then take the shuttle bus back to Coco Asian Cuisine Restaurant. Since the return time for tours may vary, please be patient and wait for the shuttle.
Drop Off Location


Drop-off location is the same as pick-up location (except for pick-up only locations)


Return time depends on the final itinerary, weather, and traffic of the day. Please confirm with your guide on the last day of the tour.


Special Notes

If the flight is delayed for over 45 minutes due to weather condition or other unforeseen case, please go to the hotel by yourself.You can contact the local travel agency and ask for help.
You are strongly recommended to contact the airline and local travel agency to confirm the flight arrival time and airport pickup.
For your safety, please lock your door whenever and wherever you leave. Do not hang any clothes on lights. Do not smoke in bed. Leave the hotel immediately if you hear a fire alarm.
Each room in the hotel is furnished with only two beds Please consult the hotel service desk for extra bed service for three/four persons in one room.
All group members should act as a whole. Ask permission from the tour guide if you want to drop out so as to avoid any accidents. To go out separately at night or during freetime, please tell the tour guide or other members, and pay special attention to safety. Please be careful when walking on bad roads.
Please observe all dos and don'ts mentioned by the tour guide.
Medical Service: gastrointestinal medicine, cold medicine, carsickness medicine, or any other medicines you have to take.
Rates will be appropriately adjusted at New Years ,Christmas, National Day, Labor Day, or weekend and holiday, so please confirm the rates before booking.
In case of special conditions like weather, road repairs, strikes, pass closing, and special conditions of the tourist bus, the company will reserve the right of final explanation for tour cancellation.
In spring and summer, please wear light clothes and comfortable shoes.
In autumn and winter, please wear warm clothes.
As per the hotel regulations, tourists who go to the hotel by themselves on the first day should check in after 3 pm local time, and those who arrive at the hotel in advance may have to wait for check-in. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Booking Procedures and E-tickets

1.You will receive a booking receipt by e-mail immediately after submitting booking information.
2.You will receive the confirmation email we send within 1-2 working days after submission.
3.Once the booking details are confirmed or we confirm receiving your personal information, you will receive your e-ticket by email. We will elaborate the information item by item about the tour pakage you have booked. We will provide the contact information of local tourism offices for your convenient use during tour or as required.
4.Next, you only need to print the e-ticket and present it with photo ID to the tour guide on the departure day. Please note, the e-ticket is the proof of purchase.

Booking Regulations

- There is a necessary booking process. We will confirm that with you within 1-2 working days.
- Please book a ticket as soon as possible because the rates may vary at different times. For example, rates rise during holidays.
- Please carefully read our cancellation and refund rules before booking .
- Please carefully read our Customer Agreements before booking . 
- To ensure your safety and offer you a pleasant journey, the local travel agency will reserve the right to change the route schedule.


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